Email received 

I always look forward to my appointments as I am always left feeling very mentally positive and strong. In my work and volunteer life, it quite often involves very heavy lifting and sometimes strenuous work which Bowen always seem to give me that fresh reset that I need.

The pressure and time spent on me is great with even a couple of times I have felt feeling like I didn't want to leave and have a nice little sleep. The atmosphere is very relaxing and inviting. 

The level of expertise by you shows as I don't really need to say anything and you know exactly where and how to target my troubled areas.


I have also had a massage which was sensational. Very hard to explain but its as if my body had a lot of questions and you knew the exact answers for it. I will be a repeat customer for a very long time.


I feel very comfortable and trust you in everything you do.


Thank you,



Review January 2016

"It's amazing. Terri knows what's needed. Wholistic approach. Hips balanced, legs looser. RSI improved so much. Issues I've had treated over the years with osteo, massage & chiropractic are being resolved. Much sooner. Enjoying less chronic pain & walking with no aftermath for first time in over a year! Yeh!!!"


Reveiew December 2015 

Fantastic, cant wait to go back to my next appointment. Already feeling better. No trouble to walk up the front steps to my house. Amazing.


Review  April 2015

I highly recommend Terri as a therapist. She is so skilled and has detailed knowledge in her area of expertise as Bowen Therapist. Thanks for all the help you have given me. Will be back soon.


Review June 2014

Amazing, amazing, amazing. Would recommend to anyone! My neck hasn't felt this free since I don't remember when! Very happy with the service and such a lovely lady too.



What people are saying.. "Ive had this pain in my neck for years, I never thought it would go away"

                                              "I was able to walk around the block I haven' been able to walk that far in 6months " 

                                             " I feel taller" 

                                             "My knee pain disappeared and you hardly touched  it!"

                                             "How did you know I had Jaw pain - I didn't say anything!"

                                              "Did the treatment help me get pregnant???!!"

                                              "Best treatment I've ever had" 

                  and my personal favourite

                                              "Thank - you"



Getting YOU  back  to doing  the things you love to do

 without pain 

is our goal!



Terri Klos - Director