Massage Therapy  


What to expect

  • ​Assessment of you,  your pain, and your fascial patterns and treat accordingly

  • Relief of your pain by targeting  tension  adhesions created within the fascia and muscle tissue by continuous  bad posture, repetitive action, injury,  scar tissue

  •  Tailor the treatment to you,  you are unique so should be your treatment

  • Explanation of treatment given as required

  • Advice on maintenance of treatment

  •  Therapeutic  Massage

  •  Trigger Point Therapy

  •  Cranial Sacral Therapy​​

  •  Silicone cupping

  •  Stretch Therapy

  •  Fascial  Release

  •   Glass Vacuum Cupping

  •    Bowen Therapy

  •    Lymphatic Drainage           

  •    Stretch Therapy

  •    Visceral Massage

Release of the fascia,  muscles and organs allows the body to function optimally.

What your environment will be

  • Clean - All linen is fresh

  • Private

  • Safe - Only you and your therapist are present in your room

  • Ambiance - Essential oils and soft Music, temperature controlled rooms

  • Respect  - For you, your needs, your space and your time

Fascia is an interconnecting network that encases  your muscles,  nerves, tendons, ligaments and organs, one of its primary functions is to allow fluid movement.   Unfortunately over time due to stress,   bad  posture, repetitive action, poor nutrition, disease and/or surgery,  that network can become compromised , creating adhesions, dysfunctional tensional pattern's with recurring and ongoing pain.  

Massage and its benefits

  •  Reduces the  tensions, knots and adhesions created by dysfunction, allowing you to move with ease, allowing the fascial fibres and muscles to move easily without stress.

  • Helps your body lymphatic system flush out the acids and toxins sitting in your system. created by poor dietary choices, lack of exercise and stress and trauma.   

  • Improves posture - Muscle's control the function of our limbs, they move bones.  Ease the tension in the muscles, tendons and ligaments of your spine, neck and pelvis and your structure will stay in balance longer, as the muscles surrounding the spine become more supple and flexible your spine will naturally become longer, stronger and straighter.   

  • Promotes deeper and more beneficial breathing it encourages the body to produce more oxygen and clear away the toxins and  begin the natural process of healing.  

  • Be happier!  Massage stimulates the production of endorphins (for emotional balance), dopamine (for brain function) and serotonin (for happiness).  And who doesn’t want to be happy