Theresa (Terri) has  been a qualified massage therapist for 18 years, and a Bowen Therapist for 12 years.  As owner of Bodhi Tree Therapies she is passionate about providing exceptional quality professional service and giving you the results you want and expect.

Her wealth of experience and knowledge include remedial massage techniques,  glass  and silicone cupping, fascial release, cranial sacral, Emmett and NST Bowen Therapy. 

Her journey and passion has led  her to  develop an integrated  unique treating style in order to  create positive change in her patients.

February 2019.

Wow .. So many changes in 12 months!    So many changes over the course of my career.  

It was around this time last year that I knew that I needed to  re-charge my batteries ..and so with a heavy heart I shut the shop in Ranelagh Arcade where I'd been for 10 years.    My subsequent 3 months  in Europe was all about reconnecting.  Reconnecting with  family, old friends and myself.  



When I look back over my career of 18 years, the techniques that  I have studied, the ones I became  really passionate about, the ones  I continue to use every day are the ones that have a base in science.  I like facts, I like tangible, I need reason, once I see it, feel it, am able to apply it, then I understand it, then I can manipulate the knowledge, creating, multiple ways of new use.   

Massage, Cupping, Lymphatic's, Cranial Release work, TMJ, Stretch Therapy all made sense to me as I was  working on releasing tension and  adhesions within muscles.  These are the ones I used every day but I didn't use Bowen, even though I had trained in it in 2005.  I didn't understand the WHY it worked. my trainer could only say it sends a message to the muscle.. not enough for me.  It is True.  but how does that happen? Nerve stimulation was the answer,  but I wasn't running over a nerve.   Was I waving a magic wand????  And how could I possibly leave the body to rest...What on earth for? Why??

In 2012 I started to research fascia, there wasn't much information out there then, but I discovered  that essentially our body's fascia  is a web like matrix  interconnecting network that encases muscles,  muscular fibres, nerves, tendons, ligaments and organs. 


 All of a sudden the jigsaw pieces started to fall into place, the HOW Bowen worked was there, "a lightbulb moment."  The messages travelled along the fascial network which has more nerve receptors than the muscles.  The nervous system used the network of fascia to send messages EVERYWHERE!!!  and with the new imaging techniques it was possible to see the the fascial fibres move, change and recreate patterns.    WOW!!   Cadavers were being opened and studies were made of our fascial connective system in relation to our organ, muscles and bones.   Bones are now thought to be part of the fascial system, tendons,  ligaments its all one!!   WOW WOW WOW!!! The lightbulbs just about exploded in my brain!!

NOW that  I understood the fascia and how to treat it, Bowen with its compression, hold release movement, suddenly made sense, so did a myriad of other techniques that I'd briefly taken a foray into.   No longer would l need to pummel bodies for an hour, no longer would my patients have to breath  through pain whilst breaking out in a sweat.  Easy on you,  easy on me. That was  5 years ago . 


 I embraced the knowledge and set about creating a system where I was able to work on 2 patients at the same time..a 45 minute treatment with rest periods.  The rest period I now  knew was when the  body released its patterns,  fascial twists unraveled,  muscles lengthened, the spine straightened and people were suddenly taller and straighter!!

 I was not even in the room!   I  realised that the body heals best when there is no trauma,  no pain that the rest period is  essential.  

6 months into re-opening back at home.   I am evolving again.  I am now working on one patient at a time .   There are minimum rest periods, and   I noticed a change.  The body no longer unwound itself to the same extent.    As many of you know I work  up and down  the entire body, twisting, tweaking and removing adhesions , the body actually needs time to unravel so I can determine where  the next layer is compromised.   So I had a dilemma how do I encourage  that natural  unwinding  within the time I have.   

So once again after researching  and adding more training.  Another passion is here.  I am starting to incorporate frequency healing using tuning forks.   Your body sends messages around the body via the central nervous system as little electrical pulses via our fascial system.  Your heart for example is the most obvious.  Sound waves can affect the frequency of our bodies natural state.    By using low frequency I can produce a slight vibration that changes the fascial tissue and creates a resting relaxed state for the natural unwinding.

My passion as always is to strive to give you the very best treatment I can, to relieve your pain and create balance within the body.   

Exciting times ahead for me  and you


Thank you for reading


Terri Klos