TMJ Syndrome


The “temporo-mandibular joint” is  the hinge between your skull’s temporal bone and mandible – better known as your jaw.   Its complex fascia and muscle matrix allows your jaw to smoothly move, so that you are able to talk, chew,  yawn and swallow.    It’s connections to your neck and spine can be contributing to other issues. 


From the side view, the TMJ is located a little more than a finger’s width away from the top bone of your neck. This joint gives us  the ability to look up, down, side to side, and all around you and it is sadly one of the most commone misalignments.  


Injuries, accidents, and traumas to the body can wedge or lock this bone into positions that create pressure and irritation within the surrounding areas often the  TMJ will be  involved,  creating problems with bite, pain and pressure or clicking jaw.


A fascial release alignment along with some deep cervical,  cranial and often coccyx can relieve you of your symptoms.   And can be done in either a bowen therapy treatment or a massage treatment. 


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