Fascial Release Stretching


This Routine, adapted  from yoga,  stretches your adductors, hamstrings, glutes  and piriformis with this very simple safe and easy routine. 

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Improve your digestion -


Twist and stretch your abdominal region. 

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Intestinal release  Exercises – (yoga kriya’s)


Please Note these exercises can be done as a fascial release of the abdominal region and underlying structures.  



1.    The first exercise is a variation of The Palm Pose or Tadasana in Sanskrit.

Stand with the arms stretched over your head, and your hands clasped with the palms up. 
Inhale and rise up on your toes. 
Balance, looking up at your hands, and hold the breath.  Walk around on your toes, as long as you can hold your breath.

Then come down again on your soles while exhaling. 
Stand relaxed for a while with your arms at your sides.

Repeat it altogether three times.

2.  The second exercise is called Tiryaka Tadasana in Sanskrit.  The Tree in the Wind. Stand With the legs apart, fold the hands and turn the palms outwards. Stretch the arms over the head, look up at the hands and sway from side to side.   Do it eight times to each side.


3.  The third exercise is Kati Chakrasana ,  The Waist Twist.                                     

Start swinging your arms from side to side by twisting your body.  When you twist to the right, look as far back as you can over your right shoulder – then twist to the left.Now swing so fast that your left hand ends on your right shoulder and the right hand swings behind your back and touches your waist round on the left side, and vice versa. Your arms should be relaxed that they swing out  horizontally from the body.  Do it  8 times to each side.


4.  The fourth exercise is called  Tiryaka Bhujangasana , and is translated as    The Twisted Cobra.


First lie on the stomach with the legs wide apart.    Then raise the body up on straight arms and twist the head and torso so that you can look over the right shoulder and see down towards the left heel. Repeat to the other side.   The exercise is repeated eight times to each side.


5. The fifth exercise is called the parvana and is referred to as the wind releasing pose.

Lie on your back, raise the left leg bent knee, pull the knee toward the chest, raise up to touch the knee to the forehead. Return leg to floor, raise the right leg and repeat. Do it 8 times each side.


6.  The fifth exercise,  Udarakarshanasana, translates as Abdominal Massage.

Sit in a squatting position with the hands placed upon the knees. Hold the upper body and head erect.

Lower the right knee to the left foot, while pressing the left leg against the body so that it exerts a pressure against the stomach, all the way down to the groin.

Repeat to the other side.   Do it eight times to each side.

Important! The six exercises are designed to ensure that each  part of the abdominal region is massaged in turn to aid the digestive process.


The exercises therefore must be practised in the given order.