So many people come to us with sore shoulders  & necks even pins and needles, thoracic outlet  and carpel tunnel.  As many of you know the treatment you receive  from us is not just about getting you out of pain, but in keeping you pain free and  if we can eliminate what is   causing the pain.  Ill do my best to help you. 

Side sleeping If you are a side sleeper,  does your bottom shoulder  contract forward, does your top shoulder mirror and bend  forward  too.  Your pec's , neck and thoracic outlet are likely compromised, and can be the root cause of painful neck movements, headaches, migraines, pins and needles down the arm,  and  sore and restricted shoulder movements.

The style of pillow I recommend is one that fills your shoulder to your neck so quite a high pillow.   I have lost count of the amount of times I have emailed the details of my favourite pillow. so I have decided to put the details here.. for all to see

The pillow I use is the Logan and Mason memory cloud pillow.  I bought mine from spotlight, sadly they don't  that type anymore, but they are available on line from 

Planet linen

My linen 

& Manchester madness

Also Fourty winks and Snooze should be able to order one in for you.