Hormones and Fertility


Hormones are created in the endocrine glands , the endocrine system  controls most of the major bodily functions, from hunger to reproduction. For more information go to  www.hormone.org

An imbalance in our hormone  production can be  responsible for migraines, headaches, painful periods, muscular pains, abdominal Bloating, inability to loose weight, insomnia, vagueness, anxiety, depression, an inability to conceive and more.  


During the reproductive years,  every 28 days month our  system cycles through giving us varying moods  depending on the hormones production

Generally in her  40's the female body prepares for menopause when our ability to have children ceases.  The time can vary from a few years til 10 years.  This is generally a time when many women suffer 

If you suffer from any of the above, please call us for discussion on a treatment plan.

Very often women have had gynaecological  procedures which have resulted in scaring, they can also be a reason for increased symptoms 

We can tailor your treatment to include scar tissue release and encouraging the function of the  endocrine and lymphatic systems.

If you think this is you