Bloated stomach, cramping and gas?  is this you? 

Our digestive system is rapidly being recognised as one of the most important areas of the body for our wellbeing.   

We are what we eat afterall.


  • Do you have heart burn?

  • Are you bloated at the end of every day?  

  • Are you fed up with having clothes that fit in the morning but not  in the evening?

  • Are you blaming the dog for  YOUR embarrassing Gas? 

  • Feeling  heavy, flat  & without energy?

  • Do you have abdominal cramps?

  • Want to be able to eat and not feel that burn?                                  


For years you've eaten what you want , when you want, and your digestive system has done a magnificent job..

 After a while your stomach can get a build up of toxins , the digestion tract can get coated in a mucous.   It becomes more difficult for your body to digest foods, the action of peristalsis is compromised and  the assimilation of nutrients  is impeded.  Partially digested food stagnates and gives off noxious gas.


 Abdominal massage  will  release the toxins,  allow the body to expel the mucous, improve  peristalsis  and allow your body to absorb the vitamins, minerals and improve your  health and wellbeing and energy.


Ask us about our abdominal massage treatments.  It can be either a stand alone treatment or included in your  Bowen treatment or Massage.

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