Covid 19 Changes to your treatment.


Let’s keep each other healthy



Please do not attend your appointment if you feel unwell.   Not just flu symptoms.  I reserve the right to refuse your treatment.  


I am allowing additional time between appointments to limit the likelihood of a cross over with another client and allow time to prepare the space for you.


The following measures are being introduced to protect you from infection.


  • Please take off your shoes before entering the treatment room.

  • Hand sanitiser is available for your use

  • Your temperature will be taken 

  • Please wear a mask

  • All door handles, chairs and walls that  will be disinfected after each patient

  •  Please try to limit where you touch.

  • All linen is clean

  •  The massage tables's head rest and armrest will be cleaned and disinfected after every treatment.

  • Any equipment used is disinfected prior to use and removed from the room 

  • I will use gloves   - If we decide its necessary

  • I will use a mask  - If we decide its necessary