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Bowen Therapy

A Fascial release and alignment 

·       Headaches

·       Migraines

·       Shoulder pain 

·       Elbow Pain - Golfers and Tennis 

·       Neck Pain and decreased range

·      Lower Back Pain

·      Groin Pain

·      Knee Pain 

·      Ankle Pain

·      Foot  pain 

Alignment, dysfunction, chronic and acute pain treated by targeting your Fascia 

Bowen Therapy with at Bodhi Tree  is a completely different and unique experience , this treatment style has been developed   by Theresa using her training, skills and understanding of your body.

By  using Bowen as a framework and  techniques that release the soft tissues that are holding the body incorrectly.   

Function is restored.  Correct posture is regained. and inflammation reduces.


Pelvis dysfunction and misalignment is targeted,  lower back pain is reduced and neck, TMJ are all aligned.   Your skeletal system is restored to balance, reducing tension, pain  and inflammation. 


Our body's fascia  is an interconnecting network that encases  your muscles,  muscular fibres, nerves, tendons, ligaments and organs, one of its primary functions is to allow fluid movement.   Unfortunately over time due to stress,   bad  posture, repetitive action, poor nutrition, disease and/or surgery,  that network can become compromised .


 Bowen with fascial release  is a  physical therapy  that   addresses the whole bodies dysfunction's and imbalance's by  targeting  and releasing  the adhesions and  encourages the body's desire to achieve a stable equalibrium (homeostasis) . 


Once  adhesions and fascial tension are released using  our  and scar tissue release,  your range of  movement increases and pain  & inflammation   decrease. 

Please note.  That for many chronic issues there is no quick fix but we look for change  and improvement in stages.  

Best results are achieved by ensuring you are well hydrated prior to your treatment and be prepared for  a 5-10 minute walk immediately afterwards.